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Kina Wileke

Executive Vice President Group Communication.
Member of the Group Executive Board since 2018.


Holdings in Volvo, own and related parties as per February 25, 2021:?344 Series A shares and?14,956 Series B shares.

Other current assignments:?Board member in International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Sweden.

Principal work experience:?Responsible for Group Communications since 2018. With the Volvo Group since 2008, most recently as Senior Vice President Brand, Communication & Marketing Volvo Penta 2016-2017, Senior Vice President External Corporate Communication Volvo Group 2012-2016 and CEO Communication Volvo Group 2008-2012. Has held a number of positions in TV4 Group 1998-2008.

Education:?M.A. in journalism.

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Kina Wileke